Simon Thorne PhD, MBACP

humanistic counsellor

The chinese sage Lao Tzu
once said how a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a first step. It's not always an easy one to take. Especially when beginning involves finding a space that feels safe enough to admit just how vulnerable we are in the face of difficult feelings. As a humanistic counsellor I start with the view that however life looks, we are all fundamentally oriented towards growth and fulfillment. I don’t underestimate how hard it sometimes is to find the language for this, particularly around those relationships and connections to the world that should be the source of our happiness and well-being, but somehow aren’t.

Maybe you want help with a crisis or specific problem in your life right now. Maybe you want to resolve issues from your past, or feel stuck and unable to move forwards in your life. Maybe it’s all going great but there’s still a sense that there could be more. In therapy I’m assuming that you are fundamentally in control. But maybe it is helpful sometimes to have someone who can walk beside you to share the turmoil.

Anxiety, loss, depressive disorders, isolation and low self-esteem are common, but by no means the only reasons for coming to counselling. I have particular expertise in working with the chaotic outcomes of trauma and abuse, especially where they are managed through drug and alcohol dependence, and when thoughts of suicide are involved. As a man I have a special interest in the worlds we create for ourselves as men. So I offer support in a safe space to find a restorative language of feeling around identity and sexuality that can lead to fulfilled intimate relationships.

Whatever your concerns, my commitment is that you experience our therapeutic alliance as a rewarding relationship based in empathy and mutuality. Together we can create a language that transforms your world and embraces the possibility of freely living a fully feeling life. It is my intention that we can find the powerful beginning of a new future where life can occur as an inspiring, joyous adventure.